In Their Own Words: Steven and Carol Langford

As long time residents of the Tanque Verde Unified School District, we have always taken pride in our local schools. They need our help now. After years of state underfunding of capital for school facilities maintenance, our schools are suffering. The district is asking our help to repair and preserve the schools that are the centerpieces of our community. Faced with aging buildings and equipment, and amid new concerns about school safety and security, there now exists a critical need for capital funding for our schools. We can and should come together as a community to provide local funding and help preserve our community's most valuable assets.

We must act now to ensure the continued quality and safety of our schools. It is time for our community to come together and act on behalf of our schools. Please take action by approving this funding initiative for our local schools. VOTE YES for Proposition 467 on November 6th to approve the TVUSD Bond.

Steven R. Langford 
Carol S. Langford


In Their Words is a series in which we share letters written in support of the Budget Override and Bond ballot measures. These letters will appear in the Voter Information Packet provided by Pima County to voters. We will also include original missives by members of the Tanque Verde community.


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