Where Will the Funds Go?

Community members have asked...
  • If Propositions 466 & 467 are passed, how will the funds be spent?
  • How can we be sure bond funds will be spent where TVUSD says they will?

To answer the first question...

In 2017-2018, TVUSD allocated Maintenance and Operations Budget Override funds in the following manner:

M&O Budget Override Fund Allocation
Special Programs
Various Teachers
Motor Lab

Based on a third-party assessment completed in the Spring of 2018 to identify capital needs, TVUSD proposes the following Bond spending plan:

  • $5.5M for safety and security
    • $4.6M for replacement of aged modular structures with brick and mortar structures
    • $2.0M for classroom technology upgrades
    • $1.9M for campus-specific improvements
    • $1.0M for transportation

    The proposed Bond fund allocation by site:

    • Administration -- $0.09M
    • EGJHS -- $0.86M 
    • Transportation -- $1.1M
    • TVHS -- $3.96M
    • ACES -- $4.42M
    • TVES -- $4.57M


    To answer the second question...

    Upon successful passage of Proposition 467, TVUSD Superintendent Dr. Hagerman will convene a Bond Oversight Committee consisting of community members, staff, and parents. This committee will utilize the capital assessment and emerging site information to monitor funds, ensuring expenditures are transparently allocated in accordance to the plan and best interests of students.

    If you have questions about the upcoming ballot measures, 
    please email tvedalliance@gmail.com.


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