In Their Words: TVHS Teachers

Open Letter to the Tanque Verde Community from
Advanced Placement and Duel Enrollment Teachers at TVHS:

TVHS Science Bowl Team during a competition
This November, you are being asked to vote for increased education funding through Proposition 466. Passage of this override measure will do much to support our schools and our students, with virtually no change in the current tax for TVUSD households.

In its relatively short existence, Tanque Verde High School has solidified a reputation for academic rigor. Our students have the opportunity to pursue advanced study in a number of different disciplines. This year, the high school was named to the AP District Honor Roll, in recognition of an increase in both enrollment and achievement in these college-level classes.

TVHS Chem Club students in a competition
In order to maintain this standard, the necessity of new funds from Proposition 466 cannot be overstated. These funds make it possible for
us to offer focused AP and DE classes to smaller groups of students. Without them, budget constraints could necessitate the elimination of many of these important programs. We ask you to support our mission to prepare students for the future by passing the override measure on November 6.

Please vote YES on Proposition 466, and invest in the future of TVUSD students!

Lori Gahr
Hunter Jones
Sarah Jayne
Judy Dasse
Colleen Johnson
Jeremy Samoy
Grazyna Zreda
Emily Dobson

Edited on 10/2/2018 to insert missing information.

In Their Words is a series in which we share letters written in support of the Budget Override and Bond ballot measures. These letters will appear in the Voter Information Packet provided by Pima County to voters. We will also include original missives by members of the Tanque Verde community.


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