In Their Words: Taylor Nye, Kaitlyn McWilliams, Christopher Altizer

Kaitlyn & Taylor
Our names are Taylor, Kaitlyn, and Christopher, and we are jointly penning this brief letter to you to ask for your support of Proposition 466 in this upcoming voting cycle. As recent graduates from Tanque Verde High School, we understand the importance of funding for our school activities, inside and outside of the classroom. The extracurricular activities we have been able to participate in, such as marching band, student government, and athletics (to name a few), have shaped us into well-rounded individuals. These activities have also given us leadership experience and professional skills that will allow us to succeed in college and in our future careers. Attending school in the Tanque Verde Unified School District (TVUSD) has influenced us to be the high-achieving students we are today, not only because of the rigorous academics offered, but also because of the after-school organizations that strengthened our overall education. Our schools show endless support to students, so we must reciprocate by helping to fund these important programs.
Kaitlyn & Christopher

Every student who learns in our district deserves to have the most complete education possible, just like each of us had. With this, we hope you will vote yes on TVUSD's Proposition 466.


Taylor Nye
University of Arizona Class of 2022

Kaitlyn McWilliams
Northern Arizona University Class of 2022

Christopher Altizer
Harvard University Class of 2021


In Their Words is a series in which we share letters written in support of the Budget Override and Bond ballot measures. These letters will appear in the Voter Information Packet provided by Pima County to voters. We will also include original missives by members of the Tanque Verde community.


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