In Their Own Words: David Bradley

An old AC unit on TVUSD campus 
I stand in strong support of Proposition 467, a proposed bond to benefit Tanque Verde Unified School District (TVUSD).

I can attest to the fact that in Arizona, State funding for new capital projects and current school maintenance has been significantly reduced during the past ten years, amounting to statewide cuts of more than $2.3 billion. For TVUSD, this has resulted in over $4.4 million in cuts. These cuts have led to a backlog of maintenance on buildings with leaking roofs, and equipment such as old and malfunctioning air conditioners. In addition, TVUSD has been forced to utilize outdated structures for some classrooms.

It is of the utmost importance that students today graduate with the skills needed to be contributors to our community and more broadly our State. A YES vote on Proposition 467 will ensure that Tanque Verde Unified School District has the necessary funds to provide adequate facilities and structures to keep students safe, and facilitate ongoing high academic achievement and educational success-things for which TVUSD is well known.

Please vote YES on Proposition 467 for our students, our community, and our State.

David Bradley
State Senator for Legislative District 10


In Their Words is a series in which we share letters written in support of the Budget Override and Bond ballot measures. These letters will appear in the Voter Information Packet provided by Pima County to voters. We will also include original missives by members of the Tanque Verde community.


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