In Their Own Words: The Ruiz Family

Tanque Verde Elementary School
Fourteen years ago, our family moved to Tucson to start a small business. We moved to Tanque Verde because of the great schools and because this community has always understood the importance of education, and the need to adequately fund its schools. Our daughters attended the entire TVUSD system of schools and graduated ready for college. This November residents of the district have the opportunity to vote to continue the education excellence in TVUSD.

Over the past 10 years capital funding from the state for TVUSD has been underfunded by $4.4 million. Despite the underfunding TVUSD is recognized as a high performing district in the county and state. However, the years of underfunding has left the district with unmet capital needs that are critical to providing a quality education on secure campuses. The Bond prioritizes those unmet needs, such as replacing aging and inefficient HAVC units, roof repair/replacement, enhancing school safety and security for buildings.

We encourage TVUSD voters to start at the back of the ballot and first vote YES on Prop 467.

Ruiz Family
Carlos Ruiz,
Cindy Ruiz,
Olivia Ruiz,
Vanessa Ruiz


In Their Words is a series in which we share letters written in support of the Budget Override and Bond ballot measures. These letters will appear in the Voter Information Packet provided by Pima County to voters. We will also include original missives by members of the Tanque Verde community.


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