Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch

As we go through our daily lives, we suggest you chat with our Tanque Verde neighbors and community members about why they should vote YES on the two key education related ballot measures: 
  • Proposition 466: the maintenance and operations budget override continuation
  • Proposition 467: the bond to fund essential building, safety & security, and technology school needs
Here is an elevator pitch to help you get the word out...


Our Future Demands It: Tanque Verde, Tucson, Arizona, and America need us to invest in the next generation so these students can fully contribute with all their gifts to our economy. Funding teachers’ salaries and the school infrastructure will contribute to the next generation of our workforce, to our next big companies, and to our next artistic works.  

Our Neighborhoods Depend on It: Good schools make for good neighbors, as families want to be in neighborhoods with good schools. They are also a strong influencing factor on property values.

Our Students Need It: Our school infrastructure is wearing out. We have leaky roofs, aging buses, outdated computing infrastructure, and outmoded security for our schools. Let us help our students focus on school, not infrastructure.

Funding from The State of Arizona falls short of their commitments and of what our schools require. We can’t wait for them any longer, so the responsibility and the opportunity falls upon us. 

Let’s stand together to take care of our neighborhood, our schools, and our students.

Vote Yes on Propositions 466 & 467


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