In Their Words: George & Charlene Atkinson

In Their Words is a series in which we will share letters written in support of Budget Override and Bond ballot measures. These letters will appear in the Voter Information Packet provided by Pima County to voters. Photos are shared with permission from TVUSD.


Student Artwork
As residents of the Tanque Verde school district, we take pride in the quality of our schools, and we understand how quality schools and programs strengthen our community.

We also recognize the importance of providing local funding for our schools, which we demonstrate by supporting local school bonds and overrides. This locally controlled funding allows the district to provide the programs and services critical to the success of our students and the stability of our community. In 2014, we came together as a community and passed a Budget Override in support of our local schools. That override can be renewed now - without changing our tax rate.

Student Art
Despite what we have heard in recent months about increased funding from the state, the continuation of the current override is critical to the continued quality of our local schools. The state funding helped support salaries to compensate for prior years’ budget shortfalls; while the district’s Budget Override supports instructional programs in gifted education, music, art, advanced placement programs, athletics, and career and technical education.

Student volunteers
As a reflection of our personal concern for ensuring that the Tanque Verde school district remains one of the most respected, high quality educational environment for our children, we created Char’s Art Fund in 2012 focused on funding art supplies and activities used in the art programs at Agua Caliente and Tanque Verde elementary schools.  As of 2017, tens of thousands of dollars have been contributed to Char’s Art Fund.  These contributions reflect the strong, enduring commitment of individual citizens  to ensure quality education and are completely separate from state and Budget Override funds.

As concerned citizens, we cannot overstate the importance of a quality education for our children and grandchildren. With locally approved funding, we can support our schools and ensure they have a better foundation for their future success.

We strongly encourage you to join us in voting yes on the Budget Override!!

George and Charlene Atkinson


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