TVUSD Capital Needs

The Tanque Verde Voice published an article by the Tanque Verde Schools Superintendent, Dr. Scott Hagerman, that highlights several key points. The focus of this post is to bring attention to the capital funding aspect of the article.


State education funding was severely cut in 2008, and funding levels have not been restored even as the economy has recovered.
  • Over a 10 year period, TVUSD lost $4.4 million in funding. 
  • In 2018, when TVUSD should've received $1,000,120 to cover the cost of textbooks, technology, facilities maintenance, and transportation, the district received $123,197 from DAA funding*. In other words, TVUSD received only 12% of DAA funding in 2018. 

Take that in - $123,197 to pay for the following:
  • fix and maintain the roofs of 4 campuses
  • replace aging components of high volume appliances such as A/C units
  • purchase textbooks and curriculum to cover academic needs from kindergarten to high school for a population of roughly 2000 students
  • replace outdated technology tools like routers and computers
  • to maintain aging buses
Capital costs add up to $300,000 annually. TVUSD received less than half of the funding needed to cover their capital needs in 2018. 

Because of the funding shortfall and to ensure smooth and consistent operations, TVUSD moved to deferred maintenance plans and used funds from their Maintenance and Operations budget to cover the capital expenses funding gap. 

While State educational funding is increased in the 2019 State Budget, TVUSD's allocation of $351,687 is a step in the right direction, but still only 35% of the $1,004,821 it should receive for 2019. It's still not enough.

This is where the TVUSD Governing Board's decision to pursue a $15 million Bond comes into play. If the Bond is approved, TVUSD will be able to address the following:

1) Safety and Security Improvements: Upgrade safety and security at all four schools with fencing, access control, and other security improvements.

2) Classroom and School Upgrades for College and Career Readiness:
  • Tanque Verde High School: Upgrade lab and instructional spaces and  flexible performance space.
  • Agua Caliente and Tanque Verde Elementary Schools: Replace outdated existing portable school structures with permanent brick and mortar building based on instructional needs.

3) Technology Improvements: Add and upgrade classroom equipment and upgrade network infrastructure to enhance the educational environment district-wide.

4)  Rectify Deferred School Building  Maintenance, Equipment Replacement, and Building Renovation Needs, to  include:
  • Replacement of aging or non-serviceable air conditioning/heating units
  • Roof replacements
  • Replacement of worn tile and carpets
  • Exterior wall repairs and weatherproofing
  • Addressing an assortment of campus specific issues 

5) Transportation: Replace outdated buses and white fleet vehicles for student transportation.

The bond prioritizes investing in what matters most. It addresses the district's most pressing infrastructure needs. Our schools are the heart of our community, investing in our students benefits us all.


Your "yes" vote is a vote for strong schools. 

Vote Yes for Proposition 467.


DAA funding = Direct Additional Assistance; funding meant to help school districts manage items necessary to a student's education - technology, textbooks, facilities maintenance, transportation, etc.

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